A look back at my journey...

1996 ~ Stanford Law

I graduated from Tufts University in 1993, Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in psychology. I decided to go to law school because I knew I wasn’t ready to retire from studenthood and I wanted to sharpen my analytical skills. I loved the intellectual rigor of law school and was chomping at the bit to get out into the real world and start practicing law.

Employment Litigation

After graduating with honors from law school, I jumped into big law and quickly found an interest in employment law. I practiced for nearly a decade in San Francisco CA, Cleveland OH, and Boston MA. The skills I learned as a defense lawyer were critical to what came next for me – HR consulting. 

2004 ~ Entrepreneurship

I started my own human resources consulting business in 2004. I worked with employers all over the United States to create and maintain positive and legally compliant workplaces. I developed an expertise in workplace investigations and was one of three workplace investigators in the country invited to present to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on the topic of sexual harassment. I also became a sought after speaker at HR and employment law gatherings.

Yoga teaching, training, and authorship

As my HR business was growing, I developed an abiding interest in yoga and meditation and became a teacher. I spent time not only teaching yoga, but leading retreats and teaching students to become teachers. I also wrote a book on yoga philosophy in 2017.

Blue Tree Coaching

I became interested in life and business coaching in 2018, as it seemed to be a perfect blend of my legal, entrepreneurial, and yoga experience and expertise. I became certified through the Institute for Life Coaching, The Life Coach School, and also obtained an Advanced Certification in Coaching Mastery. 

I named my coaching business Blue Tree because I believe we have to get rooted, grounded and steady – like a tree – so that we can elevate and rise and grow – like the clear blue sky.

Never forget: everyone's journey is different.
I wrote a book!

Radi8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate your Inner Shine

Yoga is so much more than the physical practice that we’ve come to associate it with in the west. It is a deeply spiritual and philosophical tradition whose aim is to help us find freedom from suffering by identifying with our truest selves.

As a teacher and a practitioner, I wanted to demystify and simplify some of the ancient teachings of yoga, as I know they have the capacity to help us shed limiting beliefs and feel more lasting joy and contentment. Thus, I wrote Radi8 – indulging in a little bit of wordplay and a take on the 8-limbed path of yoga – and was fortunate enough to find a wonderful publisher.

Radi8 is eminently readable and applicable to our lives, for anyone who is engaged with or even curious about the deeper meaning of yoga.

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“I had an exceptional experience working with Sindy and appreciate her balanced approach”
...lending a kind and sensitive presence while encouraging action at every turn. I would highly recommend her services.
“Working with Sindy has been a game changer for me and my business.”
Her insightful questions have led me to new revelations about myself and how I'm thinking. This in turn has grown my positivity and outlook to one that allows me to accomplish my goals.
"I appreciate the fact that Sindy patiently listened & genuinely cared about my challenges."
She coached me through both business (side gig) and personal matters depending on which topic had highest priority at the time. Sindy's kindness, understanding, patience & compassion are genuine and helped me feel safe during our coaching sessions.
"She has the ability to get to the root of the issue and make a plan."
Sindy is simply lovely and super relatable. She is able to tackle the difficult stuff with compassion and intellect. She has the ability to get to the root of the issue and make a plan. She is open and honest and I am left feeling more positive and confident. Thank you Sindy!
"Sindy offers clarity and fosters courage to set goals, to fall forward, and to grow into the person I wish to become five years from now."
To change careers can be beyond intimidating. To pivot on my path during a global pandemic feels terrifying with so many changes in the world. However, Sindy offers clarity and fosters courage to set goals, to fall forward, and to grow into the person I wish to become five years from now. By taking action in alignment with my values, I move forward each day with purpose.
"Working with Sindy is a highlight in our week."
The uninterrupted time to think about our business in a productive way with someone guiding us to success is invaluable. Sindy is an amazing investment!
"My experience with Sindy has been amazing and even in just five sessions I feel much more in control and empowered in the things I have been dealing with."
It’s been so beneficial to analyze my relationship patterns and really deep dive into my thoughts and feelings as well. It has honestly been more productive than any therapist I have had, so I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in coaching.

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