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The only business coaching community dedicated to helping you start and grow a successful side hustle!

I’ve successfully grown several side gigs and turned two of them into multiple six-figure businesses. And now I’m sharing all of my secrets so you can start and grow your side gig simply and without the hustle.

for dreamers

for doers

for go-getters

for newbies

for dreamers

for doers

for go-getters

for newbies

for dreamers

for doers

for go-getters

for newbies

for dreamers

for doers

for go-getters

for newbies


Tell me if this sounds about right...

You long to be your own boss and have the flexibility that comes from not being stuck in a 9-5 you no longer love.

You’ve got a passion or a skill you want to share with the world.

You’re looking to make impact doing work you believe in.

You think you can do it, but you know you’ll get there faster with a trusted coach and guide.

Did I hit the nail on the head?

If so, keep reading, because I was in your exact shoes a decade ago.

You have an incredible side gig idea or running business, but the overwhelm of not knowing how to grow it is real.

I 1000% understand the feelings that you’re feeling all too well, and that’s why you’re here reading this website today.

When I was a newbie entrepreneur, I muddled along for literally years until my business turned into something truly impactful and revenue-producing. If Side Gig School had been around then, I’d have made sustainable progress literally 10 times faster than I did.

And not only that, I’d have had the support of a community of like-minded growing business owners making real shifts in their businesses and their lives, all in very part-time hours.

The majority of side gig’ers...

Take the DIY approach and muddle along feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

Grow their gigs alone, without the support of a community.

Throw in the towel way too soon, mistakenly thinking they can’t really make it work.

Struggle with self-doubt and confusion about what to do next to grow their gigs.

Side Gig School is where we take the drama and mystery out of business growth, make it fun, do it together, make lasting friends, and learn how to make full-time impact in part-time hours. Join us!

Well hey there!

I'm Sindy

I’ve been side-gigging for decades. I’ve grown an HR consulting business, a yoga teaching career, a coaching business, and I’ve published a book – all in part-time hours.

I know the joy of turning my skills, interests, and passions into sources of revenue and impact. And I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and turned it into a simple and effective process so my clients can know the sense of fulfillment that comes from the entrepreneurial journey, too.

Logo: Side Gig School

Side Gig School is not just a course. It’s a community. If you’re looking to start, grow, or scale your gig, this is the place where you learn all that you need to know to create the business of your dreams. We tell you what to do, step-by-step, to set yourself up for success. And, we provide ongoing support, networking, coaching, and answers. It’s your one-stop side hustle shop.

With my step-by-step system, you’ll...

Set your business up with the proper legal and business foundations.

Learn how to create offers that sell and nail your elevator pitch.

Learn sustainable marketing and selling strategies that feel authentic and not pushy or sleazy.

Know how to navigate the mindset minefields that arise on the business growth journey, and to grow not only your impact, but your confidence.

"Side Gig School helped me identify the next steps I can take to grow my business as well as how to implement them."
I learned so much, got great feedback and support, and got so many new ideas for how I can continue to grow.
"Before Side Gig School, I felt so scattered with what my business really was."
I had a lot of ideas, skills, and experience, but I was having trouble tying everything together and defining my offers. Now I offer distinct services that I feel confident and excited about, and I have clients who pay for them. As someone with ADHD, the consistent sessions, support, and group collaboration of Side Gig School were vital to helping me get my business off the ground by giving me structure, accountability, and community.
"SGS gave me the tools I needed to feel confident about launching my business, and pursuing and building personal and financial freedom.”
"Side Gig School helped me realize that I can take action and reach out and share my services and that it can actually be experienced as a positive."
In December, I could barely handle putting myself out there and now I feel a million times better doing that. I haven't completely taken the pain points out but I also understand now that in order for me to do what I want to do, I have to put myself out there. And overall, people's reception of me has been positive.
"SGS and Sindy helped me launch my business, and help me learn steps to grow other projects I enjoy."
She’s a powerhouse full of knowledge and inspiration I can tap into at any moment of each day. Thank you Sindy!
“Sindy’s expertise in developing helpful thought patterns is priceless to my growing side gig.”
"Side Gig School gave me the knowledge and the confidence to place myself and my offer in the public eye."
If you need someone to coach you through growing your business and/or changing the way you view your thoughts and offers, SGS is for you.

No gatekeeping here.
Here are the 5 modules included in the Side Gig School Program:

  • Set Your Side Gig Vision
  • Write Out Your Why
  • Set Your Side Gig Mindset
  • Side Gig Thought Work

Set Your Side Gig Vision and Mindset

Often overlooked, this foundational step in the business journey is critical to the longevity and success of your business. Once you nail in your vision and learn some life-changing mindset tools, you’ll be ready to grow and scale to your heart’s desire.

  • 6 Simple Steps to Properly Set Up Your Side Gig
  • Set Up Your Side Gig
  • BONUS: Biz Bestie

Establish Your Side Gig Business Foundations

If you want to be in it for the long haul, you’ve got to set up the proper legal and business foundations for your business. I make this incredibly easy and quick, bringing my legal background to bear for you!

  • Create Your Offer
  • Bulletproof Offer Formula
  • Nail Your Pitch
  • Write Your Elevator Pitch

Craft Your Side Gig Offer and Nail Your Pitch

You’ll learn how to craft offers that you love and that sell. And, you’ll be able to confidently and concisely articulate the value of what you offer. These are critical skills you’ll need to grow your business and your impact, and we make it easy inside Side Gig School.

  • Intro to Marketing
  • Market Your Side Gig
  • How to Show Up in Your Marketing
  • Content Creation Hacks
  • The AEIOU Framework for Social Media
  • Marketing Without Social Media
  • BONUS: 30+ Content Ideas
  • 6 Ways to Grow Without Social Media

Market Your Side Gig

Marketing is simply sharing. You don’t need a marketing background or degree to master this skill and to do it in a way that feels authentic and fun. We’ve got a system and a process that you can customize and make your own. We show you how inside SGS.

  • Nail the Sales Call
  • Roadmap to the Sales Call
  • After the Sales Call
  • Sales Call Self-Evaluation Worksheet
  • Providing Stellar Side Gig Service
  • Ask For Feedback

Sell Your Side Gig and Provide Stellar Service

Growing your service-based business requires selling. But, we’re not talking sleazy or pushy sales. Our philosophy on selling is that all that we need is a few new skills, and then it’s simply a matter of being ourselves and offering our services. Selling goes hand in hand with the quality of what we offer, so we work on that inside SGS as well.


One Year of Weekly Group Coaching

Every Wednesday at 12 EST we have live Office Hours! This is your chance to get coached, ask questions, and seek any support you need. Of course, calls are recorded and you can catch all the value of these calls in your own time!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

I believe wholeheartedly in the Side Gig School system. If you watch all of the lessons within 7 days of purchase and are unsatisfied, you'll receive a full refund.

Logo: 100% Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I really do this?

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Yes! All you need to succeed is a willingness to learn a few new skills, to apply what you learn consistently, and just a seed of belief in yourself. Also, surrounding yourself with like-minded growing entrepreneurs in Side Gig School will supercharge your growth!

When does the course start and finish?

This is a go-at-your-own-pace program, so you can start whenever you are ready and continue for as long as you like!

How is the course delivered?

My signature Side Gig Success System is broken down into five clear and simple modules, which are delivered via video and/or podcast format. Each module also includes PDFs to help facilitate and cement your learning. The bonus content is delivered in the same manner.

In addition, there is a supportive Facebook community and weekly office hours for live group coaching by me and a select handful of guest coaches!

How long do I have access to the course?

The course is a lifetime access program! That means that as long as Side Gig School exists, all of the content is there for you.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I am 100% confident in the quality of Side Gig School. However, if you watch the lessons within seven days of purchase and are unsatisfied, you’ll receive a full refund.

Still have questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have so you can determine if this course is right for you! Send me a message and I'll get back to you asap.

Friend, if you’re ready, I’m here.

It might feel like a leap. You might be scared. I get it and I’ve been there! And, I know the power of investing in yourself, believing in yourself, and surrounding yourself with a like-minded community.

That’s why I’ve created Side Gig School. So you can shift into that next version of yourself. So you don’t have to go it alone. I’d truly be honored to support you on your business growth journey.

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